Monday 29 January 2007

My blog / my homepage

I have decided to setup my new homepage after some years.

Most of us involved in computer science or information technology feel the urge to setup the internet sites by them selves. This results in months spent to decide, setup and maintain servers, software, domains and java/c#/nuke/python/html alternatives.

So I selected to go for a little bit easier, modern and perhaps nowdays usual approach: I will create yet another a blog and pretend it is my new homepage.

So, welcome everyone!

My homepage can only be about:

  1. Computer Science - I am a master student of machine learning at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Currently working for Jozef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  2. Software Engineering - I have experience in participating and leading high quality software development teams.
  3. Sports - basketball, hockey, snowboarding
  4. Arts - I like good music and nice paintings.
  5. life -I like life, and sometimes think about it too much.
So to end this first and very important post: Lep pozdrav vsem (Slovene for: best regards to everyone : )

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